The Best Initial Public Offerings in 2022


The recent initial public offering (IPO) stock price fell sharply due to a sharp decline that began late last year and continued into 2022. If this is the case, many companies may decide to delay initial public offerings (IPOs) until the market for new offerings improves. Regardless, some of the most anticipated IPOs are expected to have strong demand and billions of dollars in value.


If the company has gone public, is it an IPO? Yes, this is correct. When advanced driver-assistance technology maker Mobileye first went public in 2014, Intel was quick to bid. Intel hopes to relist Mobileye in mid-2022 to capitalize on the company's explosive growth. The IPO market for electric vehicles and vehicle systems has been hot, and Mobileye appears to be targeting $50 billion.


VinFast, one of Vietnam's leading EV makers, is benefiting from strong investor interest in Rivian and Tesla. VinFast already plans to ship the SUV to North America, Canada and Europe this year. The company also intends to build a U.S. factory by the end of 2024, according to Bloomberg. To make electric vehicles a reality, the group wants a valuation of $2.5 billion to $60 billion.


Reddit operates one of the most famous sites where users can engage in lively discussions with like-minded people. In 2021, when Reddit became the center of stock speculators, the surge in popularity pushed GameStop's stock price to new heights. Reddit closed its latest funding round in August 2021 at a $10 billion valuation and raised about $400 million from Fidelity Investments.


While the global pandemic has hit a slew of companies hard, Instacart is one company that appears to be thriving in tough conditions. This app delivers groceries and other items to your home. Instead of going out, they ordered food. Andreesen Horowitz and other leading venture capital firms sponsored a $39 billion investment in March 2021 for Instacart. Instacart has been rumored to go public for years, and the company could finally go public in 2022.


Chime is one of the largest private players in the fintech market and offers bank-like services through its app. Many brick-and-mortar banks charge overdraft fees, monthly fees, and other fees. Chimes, on the other hand, do not. In 2021, Chime completed a round of financing with participation from well-known investors such as SoftBank, Tiger Global, and Sequoia Capital Global Equities. The deal valued the company at $25 billion. The company's initial public offering (IPO) is expected to fetch between $35 billion and $45 billion.


The program allows players to communicate with each other through instant messaging, audio and video calls. Discord is essentially the workplace for Microsoft Teams or Slack. Expansion is fast. Microsoft reportedly tried to acquire the chat app for about $10 billion in 2021, but no deal was struck. The company was valued at $15 billion in a funding round in September 2021.